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Brazil Outsource provides businesses with custom software, strategy, and design services. We combine advanced technical skills with business consulting to plan, build, and implement cost effective technology.

Our company Brazil Outsource and its CEO Robert Lazarski were profiled in the Wall Street Journal recently. Its a good overall article on software outsourcing to Brazil, which you can read here .

Brazil offers a similar time zone to that of the United States, has a highly skilled and low cost labor force, and is an easy and relatively safe travel destination. You can learn more about Brazil and its advantages in our Why Brazil? section.

Brazil outsource specializes in Java, Flex/Flash and Linux consulting. Learn more about Brazil Outsource and the type of solutions we provide in our About Brazil Outsource section.

We can be contacted here.

More about the individuals of Brazil Outsource can be found in our Profiles section.

Brazil Outsource prefers Open Source Technologies, and examples of our contributions and projects are listed in our Community section.

We provide a Links page for some resources that may be helpful.